Illegal election posters – What illegal posters?

Returning to the illegal political posters

I rang an official in Cork City Council to inquire what action had been taken regarding the hundreds of illegal posters around the city.

If a litter warden comes across anything illegal they will take appropriate action, we have only three wardens in the city.

Ok, but they must be aware of the law being broken by politicians and political parties.

We’ll take appropriate action against them.

Has any action been taken so far?

I can’t discuss with you whether fines have been issued or not.

I’m not asking for details of fines, I’m just asking whether the litter wardens have observed any illegal posters.

I’ll have to talk to the wardens about it.

Are you aware yourself of any illegal posters?

Well, I’m based in the office so I’m not out and about in the city, it would be the wardens who would make us aware of the posters.

What about when you’re traveling home, surely you’ve seen the posters. They’re up all over the place.

I haven’t been walking through the city centre recently and I’ve seen no posters up in the area where I live.

But the litter wardens, unless they’re going around wearing blindfolds, must see the posters.

Well, I’ll be talking to them regarding the situation.

Do you think there will be any prosecutions?

We always enforce the Litter Pollution Act.

He was intrigued when I told him I possessed the gift of predicting future events with 100% certainty.

No politician or political party will be investigated never mind actually prosecuted for breaching the Litter Pollution Act.

I promised to call him after the election to confirm my amazing abilities.

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  1. I go along 99% with your view of our corrupt political system but I dont think we can expect Zero tolerance. I am reffering to the illegal posters .

  2. I suggest community spirit and action on this. I call on anti-litter activists to take down all illegal political posters in their neighbourhood.

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