Martin under investigation – No worries

Just three days after being elected leader of the most corrupt political party in the country, Michael Martin TD, is under investigation (Irish Times).

Four citizens have alleged that Mr. Martin sent them personalized, unsolicited emails in breach of the law.

Of course, Mr. Martin has nothing to worry about, it’s not as if the Data ‘Protection’ Commissioner is likely to do anything silly like applying the law – the very thought.

No, an ‘agreement’ will be reached just like ‘agreements’ were reached concerning about 50 complaints made during the 2007 election.

Not a single political party or politician was made accountable for alleged breaches of the law, why would they have any fears on this occasion?

Even if, by some miracle, this so called regulatory body does act against Martin the maximum punishment open to the authority is a €3,000 fine.

This paltry fine is no deterrent whatsoever to a ruthless political party bent on harvesting maximum votes.

I wrote about this matter last week after the Data ‘Protection’ Commissioner issued a warning to political parties about breaking the law in this manner.

Let me reproduce the last two paragraphs of that post.

The failure to rigorously enforce laws by a wide range of state agencies over a prolonged number of years has led to the inevitable – political chaos, impoverishment and hardship for ordinary citizens and national shame in front of the world community.

Allow me to end by making another (mad) guess/prediction – not a single politician or political party will receive an enforcement order from the so called Data Protection Commissioner as a result of any breaches of the Act in the forthcoming election.

I stick by that prediction.

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