Banana republic priorities

Most of the incompetent/traitorous politicians, bankers and regulators have headed off into the sunset with golden handshakes and massive pensions to live out their lives in peace and comfort.

Reaction of consultant to prosposed cuts of €11 million at children’s hospital (Today with Pat Kenny).

Have to tell parents that they cannot come, some of these kids with serious eye problems will go blind, this is the implication of it all.

This means blindness and maybe life and utter chaos and confusion.

This is not going to save money…when all the staff is still there, when all the facilities are still there, it doesn’t make sense…we should tackle the non frontline services, the non core services, the people who administer the system.

Hitting vulnerable services and creating chaos and confusion among ordinary folk is just not on.

The hospital will save nothing and only create massive headaches for me and suffering for all my patients.

A lot of consultants have gone to ground, they’re afraid to speak up. The new contract gags a lot of them from speaking out and there’s the threat of intimidation.

Meanwhile, almost the entire media is caught up in a frenzy of analysis over whether there should be a three or five way political debate.

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  1. Yes off into the sunset alright. I expect many will head for sunnier climes such as florida never to be seen again.

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