Kenny's promise

Let it go forth from this time and place that Ireland is open for business and we want to rebuild our reputation at home and abroad, that we will give vent to the creativity the imagination and the hard work of our people.

And that in five years time we can look back and say we have built platforms upon which our little country will be seen to be the best in the world in which to do business, in which to raise a family and, as I said before, in which to grow old with a sense of dignity and respect.

Enda Kenny

4 thoughts on “Kenny's promise”

  1. Like you, I am savouring the rout of the double FFers but I’m not cheering for FG. The only reason they are not as corrupt as Fianna Fáil is they haven’t been in power as often or as long!

  2. “Let it go forth from this time and place that Ireland is open for business” until the economy is finally destroyed by the combination of a massive sovereign default on our international debts and a domestic mass-mortgage default (as a combination of cuts, tax increases, higher costs, and interest-rate hikes pushes thousands of young homeowners over the edge).

  3. With joy and grief I watched the events unfold over the last few days in Ireland. Joy at seeing FF being kicked into oblivion but sadness/grief in knowing that Labour will if they coalesce with FG they too will suffer the fate that faces the Lib Dems in the UK. I suppose whichever party takes power now will be in the Doldrums for a generation but at least FF will not take over any time soon !

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