Scumbag Ahern caught lying again

I see the scumbag traitor Bertie Ahern has yet again been exposed as a liar.

An independent review of the performance of the Department of Finance over the past decade has found that the Department did warn the Government about the dangers of the economic policy it was following, but that its advice was overruled by the Cabinet.

The scumbag has been telling everybody that if only somebody had told him what was going on he could have taken action.

3 thoughts on “Scumbag Ahern caught lying again”

  1. As a retired civil servant I am well aware of the inefficiencies of bureaucracy but I am somewhat relieved by this report which while exposing some shortcomings in the workings of the Department of Finance essentially absolves it of complicity in the manufacture of the present mess in which the country finds itself.
    Undoubtedly there is need for radical reform in the public service and the incoming government whatever its composition needs to follow through on stated proposals – at least by the largest party – in this regard. This reform should include the abandonment of the pervading culture of secrecy. This would be in the interest of public servants themselves.

  2. I agree with you Haymoon, particularly on secrecy. The culture of secrecy is, I think, the vein through which corruption flows.

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