Life savers and wasters

The following text message was received during a discussion on the economy and banking crisis on an RTE programme last week.

I’m a nurse and my staff and I saved two lives today. I’m 52, funded my Masters myself and my take home pay is just over €1,300 per fortnight.

Compare this to the following wasters.

Mary Coughlan (45): Received a lump sum of almost €240,000 and an annual pension of over €140,000.

Paul Gogarty (42): Received lump sum of more than €110,000 and an annual pension of over €20,000. Gogarty served just eight years as a backbencher.

Sean Haughey (49): Lump sum of almost €240,000 and an annual pension of almost €72,000.

These payments and the millions paid out to the other traitors who have destroyed our country are nothing less than obscene.

3 thoughts on “Life savers and wasters”

  1. Ah yes! To be made compulsorily redundant at the age of 45 (Coughlan) is certainly made sweeter by an income of €140,000 for life.

  2. Agreed on the politicians and all due respects to the 52 year old. I dont know what their skill is but €1,300 net fortnightly works out at about €50,000 per annum. People make out in ireland theyre on the breadline at €50k and its offensive to the rest of Europe. Lets not forget Consultants in Germany are on little more than that.

  3. Get your facts straight.

    a) You are incorrect. I have not received such a lump sum as you describe, nor am I in receipt of a pension, although all TDs and Senators and civil servants that they are linked to will receive monies based on years of service and will qualify for a pension if they have more than three years’ service.

    b) I am not a traitor.

    c) If you say that I am often enough then you will ironically earn me a large lump sum, but it is from your bank account it will come!

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