Moriarty Report: First reactions

The first and most important thing to be said about the Moriarty Report is that nobody will be made accountable. This, of course, is no accident.

While tribunals have power to produce facts they are specifically prevented from bringing the guilty to account. Any subsequent police investigation is barred from using evidence uncovered by the tribunal. In other words, they must begin the entire investigation again without any assistance whatsoever from the tribunal report.

Of course, there will be no Gardai investigation; Irish police do not concern themselves with the activities of politicians or white collar individuals, it’s a well established tradition.

Now that the report has been published we will move into the next phase – discussion.

Just as tribunals are designed to sideline proper investigation into serious corruption and the ban on police using tribunal evidence has the effect of protecting the guilty, national discussion, conducted through a largely captured media, is designed to allow everybody to indulge in the great Irish tradition of pretending that Ireland is a functional, democratic state.

Miriam O’Callaghan set the ball rolling tonight on Prime Time by asking a question she has asked on countless occasions in the past concerning an endless line of previous scandals – Do you think there will be criminal charges?

Pat Rabbitte, just like dozens of politicians before him intoned in a sombre voice, well I hope so.

Gay (Mad) Mitchell suggested that Mary Robinson should investigate the tribunal report, picking out those parts which, in her opinion, could be forwarded to the DPP.

So, an investigation into an investigation to be forwarded to another state agency for yet another investigation, sounds familiar.

The absolutely critical factor in all this farce is – never, ever allow reality to impinge on the delusions of the nation.

5 thoughts on “Moriarty Report: First reactions”

  1. O’Brien is okay. Look at what Bertie let him do at the Special Olympics. Lowry is popular in Thurles. Sure the Irish Times would’t be giving Dermot Desmond a page or two to prescribe his remedy for the ills of the nation if he wasn’t okay.
    And some people want the Guards to investigate these fine gentlemen. No doubt they would start by apologising “I sorry sir, but I have to ask you this question.It’s just a formality”.
    Fine Gael and Labour to drive this investigation?
    We are trapped in Wonderland!

  2. “Gay (Mad) Mitchell suggested that Mary Robinson should investigate the tribunal report, picking out those parts which, in her opinion, could be forwarded to the DPP.”

    The DPP?

    Might as well send it to the DUP for all the good it’ll do.

  3. I heard the clowns on Prime Time. Sam Smyth was gobsmacked and left to ask what the hell they were on about and what was wrong with a High Court judge? O’Callaghan followed the fine RTE tradition of asking no pertinent questions on the answers given. Mesnwhile, we have O’Brien & others telling us that 17 eminent civil servants could not be wrong…. Has he heard of the HSE? Or the dept of finance? Or any other state organ for that matter stuffed with useless civil servants cribbing about days off and having to contribute to their own pensions…

  4. Incidentally lets not omit the phrase “Dublin Olympics 2012” when mentioning the angry little man Mitchell….

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