Historic (Twitter) events in Northern Ireland

When I listen to RTEs Northern Ireland editor, Tommy Gorman, I sometimes think he’s slowly going insane.

Without question, he must have the most frustrating, most boring job in the entire universe, and yet, when he reports, his excitement is always that of someone who has just won the lotto.

Last week, for example, he was breadth-takingly telling Drive Time presenter Mary Wilson the dramatic news that positions in the new NI Executive were going to be made on Twitter.

They’re about to make their decisions and they’re going to do so, wait for it Mary, they’re going to do so using Twitter.

This cosmos changing news was met with a deafening silence by a clearly under-whelmed Mary Wilson but Tommy carried on in his excitement.

They’re gathered at Stormont at the moment, they’re about to make their decision and as they do so they will Tweet details of their decision. You can follow the breaking story on…

They will be giving live updates over the next few minutes on the allocation of portfolio’s and I cannot remember this happening anywhere in the world before this Mary.

Live updates from Stormont? – on the allocation of portfolio’s? – on Twitter?

Well, I can tell you one thing, this earth shaking news has changed my life forever.