A welcome for Queen Elizabeth II

I sincerely hope that Queen Elizabeth II has an enjoyable visit to our country this week.

I have always admired her as a person and as an inspirational national leader of a great country with an impressive history and culture.

8 thoughts on “A welcome for Queen Elizabeth II”

  1. Seconded: its just such a pity we have to spend so much money protecting her beause of a few die hard nutters.

  2. I find it highly offensive that she is here at a whopping cost when theatres in Crumlin childrens hospital lie empty for lack of funds. Not the flavour of the month thing to say but I really find it offensive. Apart from the idea of an unelected head of state, which i find absurd and actually pathetic.

  3. Jan, she is not the cause of of our poor health service.Others are, and you what is at the heart of it all [total corruption from F.F. ,bankers,etc.The list goes on and on]

  4. @Mike

    I agree with the views of Connolly on monarchy but context is important. Ireland is now an independent country and pragmatism dictates we engage in the diplomatic rubrics of exchange visits by Heads of State. It must be remarked though that some of the obsequiousness surrounding the present visitor is hard to take.

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