'Royal' taxi regulator grants press interview

The taxi regulator, Kathleen Doyle was, as Pat Kenny put it, ‘flushed out’ by the media and forced to answer questions in connection with the latest scandal involving that industry.

The attitude of this so called public servant was accurately summed up by a caller to a radio show. The Queen of England grants more interviews than our taxi regulator.

In November 2008, in response to another controversy, I wrote about the ‘royal’ tendencies of this particular public servant.

Ms. Doyle is a public servant and therefore, in theory, should be accountable to consumers. There has been a disturbing tendency in recent times for people like Ms. Doyle to adopt a certain royal distance from the great unwashed.

When public servants adopt such arrogant attitudes consumers are entitled to form their own conclusions. Here’s how I imagine Ms. Doyle would address the general peasantry if she ever deigned to dismount from her high horse.

Dear Peasants,

I have been elevated to a position of great importance and therefore feel it is entirely inappropriate that I should deal directly with ordinary people.

I have therefore, at great expense to you, employed a public relations company to deal with all awkward questions from an impertinent media. All questions of a suitably respectful and non awkward nature will be dealt with by my underlings – eventually.

Of course, I do acknowledge and indeed, on rare occasions, feel a degree of gratitude, that my high status, large pay packet, very generous expenses and myriad other perks are all paid for out of your meagre resources.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish all of you the very best of luck in your struggles during the coming economic depression.

I would ask you not to worry too much about my prospects as I am guaranteed regular pay rises, total job security and a very generous pension on completion of my reign.

Yours etc.

(Note to private secretary: Make sure that fellow Duffy gets a copy, it might keep him quiet)

One thought on “'Royal' taxi regulator grants press interview”

  1. Excellent stuff Anthony! However , the Taxi Drivers have caused a lot of their own problems. I can only speak for Dublin where as a teenager , i and most other people had to walk home in the early hours year after year as taxi drivers limited the licenses and cherry picked their customers. Now they have taken to moaning about the “foreigners”. The “foreigners” who will work harder than they will. I have very little sympathy for them based on years of experience.

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