State sponsored legal rackets

A United Nations committee on torture has described as stunning the high number of Nigerians whose applications for refugee status are refused by Ireland (Nine News).

The Secretary General of the Dept. of Justice, Sean Aylward, defended the record by saying that there was a legal racket going on in stringing things out.

Could it be that those Nigerians, who Mr. Aylward so casually accuses, are taking their cue from the multitude of legal rackets engaged in by Irish politicians and civil servants?

Never ending tribunals, useless Dail Committee inquiries and numerous police investigations that never seem to end in convictions.

Ruthless and corrupt politicians, bankers and other white collar criminals all rest easy in their beds in the secure knowledge that they and their ill gotten gains are well protected by a myriad of state sponsored legal rackets.

One thought on “State sponsored legal rackets”

  1. i myself have just witnessed a conspiracy by my 2 solicitors and barrister
    to defraud me and set me up as a bad father for my daughter.and i have all the evidence.i am looking for a honest solicitor if he or she exist in ireland to bring these bastards to court

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