Noelle Campbell-Sharp: A very stupid woman

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Sunday Independent 28th September 2003

Arts Council member says forgive CJH

It is time to forgive Charles of Haughey because he is a great man who has given so much, said new Arts Council member, Noelle Campbell-Sharp.

The former publisher, a self-confessed admirer of the former Taoiseach, said all great men deserve to be forgiven much.

In an interview with the October edition of the Dubliner magazine, she said:

I can forgive him his peccadilloes. When you are a student of greatness, you have to forgive these people their human frailties.

It’s because they have given so much more than others, she said.

We forgive people all the time, Roy Keane, Louis Walsh, it’s just because this nasty little word, money, is involved that we all get uptight.

Money shouldn’t be that important.

There’s no way such a mindset can be analysed. All that can be said is – Noelle Campbell-Sharp is a very stupid woman.

6 thoughts on “Noelle Campbell-Sharp: A very stupid woman”

  1. Mmmm…I suspect you’re trying to get a rise out of me Haymoon.

    Of course, if the individual involved had been the male of the species I would have said – A very stupid man.

  2. Forgive C.J? Someone danced on his grave before i could do it.Look at the low turnout at his funeral.NOELLE [whatever her name is, got it wrong]

  3. Noelle, has done more for more people and the Irish people to deserve a blatant attack like this.
    I would be interested to know if you have done anything for this world, apart from be destructive.

  4. Noelle is sound and she’s entitled to an opinion, evaluate a single thought for Seány baby then you might say with certainty what is stupid and what is intelligent.

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