Seanad Eireann: Dead as a dodo

Irish Times columnist Deaglan de Breadun was very impressed with the contribution of Senator David Norris during the first session of the newly elected Senate, vintage stuff, de Breadun commented.

Some people are easily impressed.

Senator Norris pompously compared the parochial, elitist club that is Seanad Eireann with the Roman Republic and its senate.

As if there was even the remotest link between the greatness of ancient Rome and the activities of a crowd of gombeen bog trotters labouring under the delusion that they live in an accountable democracy.

Senator Norris went on to make the following comment which confirms that he and his fellow senators occupy a fantasy realm completely divorced from reality.

It is our responsibility by reason of our privileged position not to encourage the notion that we are a special class. Politicians are merely ordinary people who have taken on an extra burden of responsibility on behalf of the wider community. We should not see ourselves or behave as if we were an elite.

Apparently, the great hope for the new senate is the vision and determination of its new members. Here’s part of what new Senator and economics lecturer at Trinity Senator Sean Barrett had to say in his maiden speech.

We will have to show that this senate will make a difference. We will have to provide checks, balances, and scrutiny and accountability tests on all of those people who have brought this country to the desperate economic situation in which we find ourselves.

So, this completely useless and powerless institution, which is an integral part of our corrupt political/administrative system, is going to bring those who destroyed our country to justice?

Senator Barrett, with flags flying and guns blazing, is not only going to take on the indolence, arrogance and incompetence of Seanad Eireann but he’s also going to put the frighteners on the entire ruling elite who have so successfully protected the corrupt traitors responsible for impoverishing the people of Ireland.

Best of luck on that one Senator.

There was, however, one glimmer of hope.

After just two-and-a-half hours listening to his fellow senators, newly elected Labour Senator John Whelan commented:

They spent most of their time talking either about themselves or their local parish pump issues. It was a total mess of back-slapping, wind-baggery and hot air.

Senator Walsh, who obviously breathes the same air as ordinary people, said that Seanad Eireann was ‘dead as a dodo’ and should be abolished as swiftly as possible.

I suspect the vast majority of Irish citizens would agree and cannot wait to get their hands on that ballot paper.

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  1. “it is an ex-chamber it has ceased to be”
    i love the dead politican sketch…er whats that you say its
    NOT a comedy!

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