Greece v Ireland

Yet another ‘expert’, Dan O’Brien, tells us how bad things are in corrupt and dysfunctional Greece.

The background suggestion is that Ireland, while not in the best of shape, is a normal, functional state.

A reader responded to the article.

Let’s repeat that sentence. “IRELAND is a borderline failed state. its society lacks cohesiveness and is deeply divided its economy is in shock.

If the country’s history is any guide to its future, there is serious trouble ahead”…… by the end of this year, 300,000 people will have emigrated and 450,000 people are currently unemployed with youth unemployment hovering around 40%.

There is not a single government worker capable of being paid without the bailout money borrowed at 5.83%. People in glass houses should not throw stones.

It is less than a week since our Taoiseach Enda Kenny told the Dail that he could do nothing about nepotism at the heart of his government.

Jobs paid for with state funding or borrowing, for which no citizen is allowed to apply? Can that be legal. If it is have we legalised nepotism?

4 thoughts on “Greece v Ireland”

  1. There may not be legislation to prevent TDs from employing their families but all Enda had to do was get the word out that any TD who did so would never hold ministerial office. Job done.

  2. You rightly mention about borrowing to pay our Public Sector workers but still nothing is done to tackle the rediculous salaries of some, the defined benefit pensions and the early retirement on full pensions, will it ever happen, probably not!!!

  3. Only Enda has no interest at all in cleaning it up. Hes the longest serving TD & has done nothing in 30 years about it. He milked it himself when he was claiming a tezchers pension until found out. His manifesto was simply lie after lie after lie. Actions speak louder than words & Endas actions are there for all to see now. 100 days of broken promises.

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