Would you vote for this man?

Niall O’Dowd is an Irish journalist living in the United States who wants to be the next president of Ireland.

Former Brussels, Belfast and Diplomatic Correspondent of The Irish Times, Walter Ellis, doesn’t think O’Dowd would make a good president and outlines his reasons in today’s Irish Times.

Here are some quotes he attributes to O’Dowd.

On Queen Elizabeth’s visit to Ireland:

Myself, I wouldn’t cross the road to see her, but I think on balance it is a good thing . . . hopefully.

On Prince William:

He’s a member of the luck sperm club.

On Kate Midleton, now the Duchess of Cambridge:

A good stud mare, who would be judged by whether or not she produced young colts to secure the bloodline.

Ellis concludes:

In my view, he is irretrievably a citizen not alone of the US, to which he has, of course, given his pledge of allegiance, but of that mythical and parallel world known to its misty-eyed adherents as Glocca Morra.

I agree.