'Democracy now' protester brought to justice

I see the demonstrator who blocked former Government minister Mary Hanafin’s state car and shouted ‘Democracy now’ has been fined €150.

So, about eight months from ‘crime’ to justice. State law enforcement agencies like the police and courts working smoothly to ensure this ‘threat to the state’ was dealt with quickly and efficiently.

Meanwhile, those who actually destroyed the state are still walking around, enjoying the high life on bloated pensions and golden pay offs.

Apparently these vermin can’t be touched because of something to do with complexity and mounds of documents.

And what about former minister Hanafin, a member of the most corrupt political party in the country, the party principally responsible for allowing the vermin to destroy our country.

Well, she’s enjoying a lifetime guarantee of financial security partly paid for by the demonstrator who was hauled before the courts for demanding democracy.

One thought on “'Democracy now' protester brought to justice”

  1. yep,the elite looks after itself.You have ask yourself was there there a cover-in this case.I texted a radio show asking this question which had legal eagles on it they all said that would an appaling vista.Well,we now know the answer. Heres a link.


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