Judge Kelly caves in to state pressure

On 19th July last I asked the question – Will Judge Kelly fold under state pressure?

Sadly, and all too predictably, the judge folded.

Judge Kelly had strongly challenged the state regarding the never ending investigation into Anglo Irish Bank.

Throwing down the gauntlet he said the requested six months extension to the investigation would not be granted unless the following demands were met.

Much more progress achieved.

Much more detailed information provided.

Progress in respect of the material sent to the DPP in December 2010.

More accurate estimates of time as to the completion of the various investigations than have been furnished to date.

This is what he got:

There are five parts to the investigation with one part substantially complete.

A formal decision on charges will not be made until all aspects of the investigation are complete because many issues in the five parts overlap.

Some aspects of the investigation will not be complete until end of this year.

Some transactions are more extensive and more complex than originally thought.

Judge Kelly responded:

Due to the additional information he had received and the fleshing out of the picture in relation to the DPP, he would grant a further extension of six months to the Director of Corporate Enforcement to continue his investigation.

Additional information, fleshing out of the picture? – rubbish.

All the judge got was a load of meaningless waffle accompanied by a very clear message.

Get back in your box and keep your mouth shut. We’ll call you when we next need your rubber stamp.

It is reasonable to conclude that the public dressing down of Judge Kelly by the DPP has had the desired effect.

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  1. I was wondering when you were going to come back on this one. I thought Kelly was made of sterner stuff. Anyway, enjoy the long evenings!

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