Kevin Myers: over the edge into mad-hood

I long ago gave up taking Kevin Myers seriously.

There was a time when his views were reasonable and balanced but in recent years, sadly, he’s gone a bit over the edge.

Take this article, for example, where he suggests that Martin McAleese, husband of the current president, should get himself elected as president and then hand back the office to Mary while he continues his career as a senator.

Great idea, once voters got used to the idea of the ‘man’ they elected wearing a dress and makeup and looking remarkably like the previous president.

Myers goes on to suggest that after 14 years of this his/her presidency the his/hers daughter, Emma, could take over the reins (reign) for yet another 14 years.

Let’s be charitable here.

Myers was heading for mad-hood anyway but I think the excitement of meeting Queen Elizabeth and Mary McAleese at the same time has tipped him over the edge.

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