Scumbag O'Dea takes the money

The vast majority of Irish citizens are suffering real hardship as a result of the catastrophe brought down upon them by our corrupt political system. The consequences of what has happened will be felt for generations to come.

Fianna Fail, the most corrupt political party in the county, is principally responsible for this betrayal of the Irish people.

Limerick City TD Willie O’Dea is a leading member of Fianna Fail.

O’Dea will not be sharing in the people’s suffering as this Irish Examiner report demonstrates.

Limerick City TD Willie O’Dea has taken €8,500 in “step-down” payments this year, on top of his Dáil salary of €92,000.

He claimed €54,000 in golden handshake payments in 2010 after being forced to resign as minister for defence in February 2010.

Under Oireachtas rules, he was entitled to 75% of his ministerial salary for six months after stepping down — up to August 2010.

He was entitled to half the salary up until this month and will be allowed to claim 25% of the salary between now and Christmas.

Here’s how the scumbag defended his greed:

I spend money my own way and I make donations to charity.

This pathetic response is on a par with that other low-life scumbag Bertie Ahern when he claimed he won his money on the horses.