Bankrupt Anglo investigates 'Fingers' Fingleton's watch

Alan Dukes was on the radio over the weekend explaining to the Irish people how he and his bank are determined to get that watch back from ‘Fingers’ Fingleton.

It doesn’t get more bizarre than this.

Dukes is a strong defender of the rotten political system that allowed bankers and developers to bankrupt the country.

He’s a strong defender of Anglo Irish Bank, the institution that played a major role in the destruction of the country.

Countless billions down the drain, countless lives ruined; the country in receivership and this moron and his bankrupt bank are investigating a watch.

The watch cost about €20,000 including tax and, according to Dukes, this is a very substantial amount of money.

If €20,000 is a very substantial amount of money how, I wonder, would he describe the €34 billion that Anglo Irish Bank has cost the taxpayer?

Anglo’s chief executive, Mike Aynsley, wrote to ‘Fingers’ asking him to please return the watch and the €1million bonus he received on retirement.

Aynsley (hilariously) warned that the bank wouldn’t be infinitely patient, as if there was anything he could do if ‘Fingers’ decides to hold onto the watch and the loot.

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