Dr Ed Walsh: An intellectual idiot who should be confined to a nunnery

I have always had my hair cut short and last week I took the ultimate step of getting a complete head shave.

But having a billiard ball hairstyle didn’t stop me from going through the motions of pulling my hair out as I listened to the founding president of the University of Limerick, Dr. Ed Walsh, spouting pure bullshit at Beal na mBlath last Sunday.

According to this fool Ireland should never have joined the eurozone because:

Had Ireland remained outside the euro, its bankers would not have gained access to the euro zone’s vast and low-interest borrowing opportunities.

Without the outlandish credit available within the euro zone, the building bubble, the resultant government tax windfalls and Ahern’s, McCreevy’s and Cowen’s spending splurge would have been impossible. The country would not now be in receivership.

Irish banks, he said, were guilty of nothing more than some foolish borrowing. German and French banks, on the other hand, were reckless to lend to Irish banks. The European Central Bank failed in its duty to properly regulate all this activity.

Let’s just paraphrase this idiot’s opinion.

If Ireland had not joined the Eurozone the greedy vermin who inhabit the financial sector would have had no opportunity to carry out their crimes.

If Ireland had not joined the eurozone the political scumbags who made it possible for the bankers and developers to gamble away the wealth of the country would have found themselves with no other choice but to govern in a responsible, accountable and transparent manner.

If Ireland had not joined the eurozone Irish regulators would have been capable of dealing with the minor and very rare instances of financial crime and not overwhelmed by the massive wave of fraud brought on by those nasty loans from Europe.

In a sentence – If Ireland had not joined the eurozone our country would still be a nirvana of political, financial and regulatory stability and happiness.

The man is a complete idiot. His views confirm the old adage that education is no guarantor of intelligence.

By now, even the most ignorant dunderhead must be aware of the following facts:

The Irish political system is corrupt to its very core. If our political system was isolated on a planet billions of miles from the nearest German bank Ireland would still be a political/financial basket case. The political system would still operate with just one aim – to enrich the few at the expense of the many.

The Irish financial sector is infested with ruthless vermin who are free to rob and plunder as they wish with no fear whatsoever of being brought to justice.

The Irish regulatory system does not, in fact, regulate. It is not a case of light regulation, there is no regulation whatsoever. In many cases the so called regulators assist, defend and protect the vermin in their crimes.

This fool then goes on to compare Michael Collins, a true patriot, with the lying traitor Brian Lenihan. Collins, we are told, would have recognised Lenihan’s unrelenting commitments to Ireland.


Collins would have recognised Lenihan for what he was; a gombeen lying traitor who worked tirelessly to protect the interests of a powerful and ruthless ruling elite.

Collins would have thrown Lenihan and his fellow scumbag traitors in jail for destroying the hopes of the Irish people, for destroying the independence that he, Collins and his fellow patriots, had fought and died for.

As for idiot intellectuals, I think Collins would have been charitable and confined them to a nunnery where they could do little harm.

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  1. Yes, a bit ivory towerish. But in a wider sense don’t we Irish admire the cute hoor, the stroke puller. Who will save us from ourselves?

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