Birthday Bertie – the people's hero

Ah, poor Bertie, he’s upset by how his 60th birthday celebrations have been portrayed in a negative light.

Bertie’s son in law, Westlife star Nicky Byrne, made an emotional defence of his ‘hard done by’ father in law.

It’s hard for him to watch and read this sort of thing.

It’s hard for him to be in a position now, where he is not at a level to defend himself because he is not in public office any more.

95pc of the public knew his father-in-law was a good guy.

95% – my goodness, that is impressive.

Or could it be that young Nicky is labouring under the same delusion as that of Mrs. Haughey, wife of the criminal and traitor Charlie Haughey, when she said

Everybody hates Charlie Haughey except the people.