Prediction of economic disaster

Just came across this letter that I submitted to the Irish Times on 20th Oct 2004 in response to the then latest scam by AIB.


Mr. Buckley of AIB is wide of the mark in likening the current scandal to an iceberg where the vast amount of transactions are genuine but unseen by the general public while the relatively ‘small number of errors’ are emphasized by the media. (RTE News, 20th Oct.).

The stark reality is that AIB is a rogue iceberg rampaging unregulated across the sea that is the Irish economy. The ship of state, captained by a government that steadfastly refuses to heed the many warnings of impending disaster, is steaming full speed ahead on a collision course with this rogue iceberg.

When the inevitable happens, the international economic reputation of Ireland will plunge headlong into the icy depths of global contempt.

Yours etc.,

Anthony Sheridan

3 thoughts on “Prediction of economic disaster”

  1. You certainly were prescient judging by that letter. Did you open a Swiss bank account or convert your assets to gold?

  2. Very good Haymoon Unfortunately my assets were never such as to require the precaution of a conversion to gold – Lol

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