Joe Duffy loses the head

In fairness, Joe Duffy did his very best to hide his contempt for Martin McGuinness on Liveline today but, in the end, he lost the head.

Joe attempted for a short time to remain balanced but it soon became obvious that callers who supported McGuinness were, let’s be kind here, ‘robustly’ challenged by Joe while those opposed to the former IRA man were allowed to make their point without serious interruption.

Joe: If Martin McGuinness committed crimes he should be in prison.

Caller: The Good Friday Agreement dealt with all of that. The UVF prisoners were all let out.

Joe: (Shouting down the caller).

Hang on, Larry Murphy of the Shankill Butchers is not standing for president of Ireland…how would you react if Larry Murphy was to put himself forward and get the support of twenty of our parliamentarians, tell me how you would react.

The caller attempted to respond but Joe became hysterical.

Joe: You’d vomit.

Caller tries again to make a point.

Joe: You’d vomit.

Caller: No Joe, I wouldn’t.

Joe: You would.

I think we can safely say that Martin McGuinness’ entry into the fray has finally launched the election campaign; I think it’s going to be very interesting.

5 thoughts on “Joe Duffy loses the head”

  1. At least we all no wat and who martin mcguinness is. His past shouldnt b in question its the future we should b lookin at. and i say why not have a sein fein in the other parties robbed us blind and laughd at us. its about time we had a polition who acutaly wants to help thdm irish people

  2. As usual RTE’s agenda comes to the fore. No surprises there. It never ceases to amaze me how bitter they are. Time to move on! Everybody else has!

  3. I believe Martin McGuinness could (if given the chance) make a great president. He’s not in it for the money and prestige like all who came before him and indeed are currently running with the exceptions of maybe “Dana”.

    We really need a person who is NOT secretly serving foreign powers (as so many of them obviously are) A person that has the best intentions of the Irish people and the country at heart.
    A president who is NOT a member of the GREEDY IRISH ELITE that serve themselves and the BANKSTERS so well and have led this country to the brink of destruction.

    I believe Martin McGuinness is that person!

  4. @ Haymoon,

    He is worse than a twit.

    He is a contemptible and highly paid sock puppet for Official Ireland.

    He’s right “You’d vomit”.

    His crocodile tears for the unfortunate and gullible that he sucks the life out off on his “show” is indeed vomit inducing.

    Well worth every cent of the €450,000 per annum to be sure.

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