Senator O'Murchu on short visit to Ireland – from Mars

Presidential hopeful Fianna Fail Senator Labhras O’Murchu was interviewed on Today with Pat Kenny.

Some questions and answers.

On what FF did to the country.

I think the jury still has to be out on that in fairness. Maybe it was in some way interpreted at the time of the election that they were being punished.

On the ceding of sovereignty by Fianna Fail to the Troika.

Well, they happened to be in government at the time of the economic chaos which came about not just in Ireland but globally.

Kenny challenged O’Murchu on this.

Ours was home made, we had a building boom, a property bubble which was manufactured by the government which you supported.

I don’t think you can deny that’s an important part but I also that we all have responsibility.

I believe if we all look at the manner in which people made investments, expecting to get a dividend which was really a gamble.

If you look at the way people who had a lot of money and decided to use that just in a superficial way, the manner in which young people were prompted to think only in terms of materialism, I think we all have blame in this one.

So, there you have it. Nothing whatsoever to do with Fianna Fail.

Good luck on your campaign Labhras.