The real reasons for Fianna Fail's downfall

Ursula Halligan, TV3s political editor, believes that the downfall of Fianna Fail can be traced back to three sources (Irish Examiner).

Organisational failure.

The redundancy of core Republicanism through the Belfast Agreement.

The replacement of local Cumann with candidate-centred machines.

I never cease to be amazed at the ignorance of many journalists regarding the reality of our situation in Ireland.

Here are the real reasons for Fianna Fail’s downfall.

The Irish political system is based on the corrupt practice known as Clientelism.

This simply involves politicians plundering state resources to buy votes from a politically ignorant electorate.

All political parties willingly and without question engaged in this form of corruption but Fianna Fail became the most adept at the practice and therefore became the most powerful political party.

Corruption eventually infected every aspect and level of Irish society but in particular the political and financial sectors.

This corrupt combination, principally led by Fianna Fail, led directly to the building bubble which burst when the global financial crisis hit Ireland.

The global crisis exposed Ireland for what it is, a hopelessly corrupt banana republic.

But the corrupt political system didn’t just destroy Fianna Fail, it has destroyed the country.

The current Fine Gael/Labour coalition is nothing more than the tail end of an unstoppable disintegration of the old corrupt Ireland.

The most worrying aspect of this disintegration is the vacuum being created through the absence of any truly radical leader or party to lead the country out of the corrupt morass into which it has descended.

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