The madness of John Waters

According to Irish Times columnist John Waters the electorate’s Monster Loony tendency is coming to the fore in the current presidential election campaign(Irish Times).

Irish people, Waters tells us:

Have lately become politically reckless, perhaps even a little mad.

It’s likely Waters is somewhat tongue in cheek here but his comments on the subject of madness are interesting because, in my opinion, his own sanity is under threat from the disease of religion.

In an article in the Irish Catholic (Sep. 15th) Waters makes the bizarre suggestion that if paedophilia did not exist in the Catholic Church certain sections of the media would now be campaigning to have pedophilia legalised.

They (the media) don’t regard paedophilia as a serious matter at all. If clerical abuse did not exist in the Church, I greatly suspect that we would by now have a campaign to legalise pedophilia from these quarters.

This latest lurch into religious madness stems from the media reaction to the Senator Norris affair. In Waters’ religiously damaged brain the whole matter is a giant conspiracy to do down his beloved Catholic Church.

Waters’ thesis is simple (in every sense of that word).

The media should have treated the (very minor) Norris affair with the same strength and condemnation as they treat the ongoing Catholic Church child abuse holocaust involving the rape and torture of countless thousands of innocent children.

To bolster his insane argument Waters refers to a short-lived and bizarre movement of the 1970s that campaigned for the legalization of paedophilia.

Was it the case that the thrust for acceptance of paedophilia was stymied only by the emergence of the clerical abuse scandals in the Church, which the Left saw as an opportunity to destroy the authority of the Church?

This statement indicates a mind that has begun to lose the ability to reason. It is, quite literally, a mad statement.

I wonder if the Irish Times management have noticed Mr. Waters’ madness?

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