Cardiff rejection: The fallout

UK Independence Party MEP Marta Andreasen is one of the strongest objectors to the appointment of Kevin Cardiff.

Here’s her response to Cardiff’s rejection with my own comments.

The evidence was self-explanatory.

Correct, but only to politicians/countries where accountability is taken seriously. That is, countries where the common good is put above cronyism.

Kevin Cardiff’s reward for his blunder would have been a six-figure salary in an EU institution.

Such rewards/strokes lie at the heart of how things are done in Ireland.

It would have been a farcical appointment.

Correct but farce and embarrassment for Ireland doesn’t bother our gombeen politicians so long as their friends are looked after.

An auditor’s credentials must be beyond doubt.

This is not, and has never been, a requirement in Ireland.

Had he been given the job any integrity the Court of Auditors had would have laid in tatters.

The presence of the word ‘integrity’ in this sentence puts it beyond understanding for most Irish politicians.

2 thoughts on “Cardiff rejection: The fallout”

  1. He should never have been nominated.There is a hidden agenda there which is yet to come out. I thought his attitude and answers when he appeared before the Dáil Committee for Public Accounts was arrogant in the extreme. Unfortunately it’s not over yet and a final decision rests with the European Parliament. Lets hope there are sufficient people of integrity in that body to do the right thing and send him packing.

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