We need more Lou McDonalds

Brian from Dublin sent a text to Today with Pat Kenny accusing Sinn Fein’s Mary Lou McDonald of being rude and personally offensive to Mr. Cardiff.

After rejecting the charge that she was rude and offensive Ms McDonald went on:

My entire interest in this has been driven by an absolute commitment and determination that we will have accountability at very senior level.

That we will see change and that we will see an end to the kind of cosy club and cronyism that has been a real, real problem in Irish politics for generations.

If other TDs were as committed to reforming our corrupt political system the Brian’s from Dublin and the Kevin Cardiff’s of this world could be safely consigned to the dustbin of history.

2 thoughts on “We need more Lou McDonalds”

  1. The more Mary Lou Mc Donald’s in the Dail, the better. What in God’s name is wrong with speaking the truth, Mr Cardiff screwed up “Big Time”, now he is getting a promotion, cronyism is alive and thriving within our political system. How much more corruption will the population of this country accept, are we getting close to seeing the vast population of Irish citizens taking to the streets to end the evil that is eating away the heart of our society. We are plagued by useless overpaid Politicians who have been elected on false promises, we thought Fianna Fail were bad and corrupt, but what have we got to replace them only more of the same.
    Changes are needed now, before it’s too late, or maybe it’s allready too late, think about it.

  2. Paddy, party politics corrupts. Regrettably it’s endemic in Ireland. You don’t get into power by adhering to principles. I like Mary Lou but I wonder if SF got a look in she’d be any different.

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