RTE has lost the power of its former integrity

The Kevin Cardiff scandal was analysed in detail on the RTE radio current affairs programme, Late Debate, last night.

This is not unusual; the story is a dramatic, rapidly developing news event with potentially serious consequences for those involved.

In its pre Fr. Reynolds scandal days RTEs Prime Time would also have given the story top billing but last night’s programme made no mention of the scandal.

I believe there is one of two reasons for this.

RTE management is doing the Government a favour by not focusing too much on what is a very embarrassing episode for politicians.

In return politicians will go easy on RTE management as the consequences of the Fr. Reynolds scandal begin to play out.


Having gone over to the dark side RTE feels it is no longer in a position to ask the hard questions and is quickly making itself comfortable in the dank cave of darkness where bankers, politicians, higher civil servants and the Catholic Church thrive on a diet of secrecy, obfuscation, denial and arrogance.

Whatever the reason, there is one thing for certain.

RTE, and in particular Prime Time, has entered a new phase of its history whereby it will no longer possess the power of its former integrity as a means of bringing the corrupt and incompetent to account.

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One thought on “RTE has lost the power of its former integrity”

  1. Indeed. And one wonders why the same RTE will discuss everything from cutting child benefit to dole fraud yet will not engage with or discuss a wealth tax. Could it be that a wealth tax would hit the very people charged with discussing it in the media. People such as Pat Kenny (800,000 Per annum) Joe Duffy (450,000 per annum) Marian Finnucane (400,000 Per Annum) Sean O Rourke (200,000 per annum). Is it because they are protecting their own interests that we have no discussion on same? Today on Pat Kenny one economist tried to raise this issue but was quickly sidestepped.

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