Simon Kelly: The scumbag returns

While checking out O’Dowd interview with David Drumm I came across this piece by the journalist.

What’s interesting here is the comment by one Simon J Kelly. (The comment has been cleaned up of spelling and grammatical errors).

David’s (Drumm) story is spot on. Anybody who thinks that pinning the blame on a few bankers for Ireland’s collapse is delusional.

That is also the informed opinion of the official report carried out on the banking collapse by Nyberg.

I screwed up like so many other Irish people and so did David. We need to learn from it and get over it, it’s a witch hunt.

AIB will loose almost as much as Anglo, but I don’t see the government chasing those guys.

There are winners and losers. That’s the nature of all things.

We just need a system that accepts this rather than punished people who try and fail.

The Irish in Ireland need to learn from the Irish in America.

This Kelly is, I believe, one of the scumbag developers responsible for the impoverishment of the Irish people.