For Marian Finucane's information…

One of the ‘sensational’ claims made by David Drumm to journalist Niall O’Dowd was that Central Bank and the Financial Regulator knew everything that was going on in Anglo and that they in fact acted as a ‘team’ throughout 2008.

O’Dowd admitted that he was completely unaware of this situation and clearly sees it as a major, new, news story.

Finucane was also astonished on hearing the claim. It would be quite extraordinary, she gasped.

Such ignorance from O’Dowd is understandable, he lives in America and is obviously not the brightest of journalists.

But there is no excuse for Finucane who has, for decades, been at the centre of events in Ireland.

She must know (or maybe she doesn’t) that the Dept. of Finance, the Financial Regulator and senior politicians knew about the DIRT fraud, knew about the Ansbacher fraud and knew about dozens of other frauds within the Irish financial sector over the decades.

The authorities never took any action to bring these frauds to an end. The criminals were allowed free rein to plunder the state and its citizens at will, without fear of ever being brought to justice.

And just for Marian Finucane’s information, the situation remains exactly the same as I write.

That is, there is still no financial regulation in Ireland when it comes to the financial sector; crime is still rampant within the sector.

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Marian Finucane