Prime Time/Fr. Reynolds scandal: The religious vultures are out

RTEs mismanagement of the Fr. Reynolds scandal has released the religious vultures from their cages.

For years they were kept in check, busily defending their church as the full horror of the child abuse holocaust spewed out its dark secrets.

These militant Catholics are now using the Reynolds/Prime Time scandal as a stick to assault the entire media effectively claiming that their obnoxious church is a victim of media prejudice.

Some of the principal militants are: John Waters; David Quinn; Breda O’Brien, Mary Kenny, Fr Sean McDonagh and Senator Ronan Mullen.

This group have already begun their media campaign of duplicity coupled with the usual warped Catholic moralising.

Mary Kenny has an article in this week’s Irish Catholic with the heading:

We all have to learn humility

Kenny warns her readers not to be too quick to crow over the faults of others and then goes on to do just that; some quotes.

Don’t get too much above yourself – pride will cause you to make a serious mistake.

It is merely human pride to persist in a line of thinking in which your ego is invested.

RTE is so vigorous in calling for ‘accountability’ from other sources; shouldn’t they practice what they preach?