The ones that got away

According to a report in yesterday’s Irish Independent Fine Gael Cllr. Pat Kennedy is surprised that I made a complaint against him regarding his ‘mistake’ in claiming expenses.

The report from Limerick City Council makes clear that it was forwarded to the Standards in Public Office for their information.

But, just in case, I rang SIPO to inquire whether they intended taking any further action.

Yes, I know, a waste of a phone call.

SIPO will be filing the report, probably under – The ones that got away.

One thought on “The ones that got away”

  1. Can you honestly say that you’re surprised? It’s clear that the “regulatory” bodies in this country simply exist as window dressing to convince international observers that we are a mature, properly functioning democracy.

    My own recent experience with one of these “regulatory” agencies has merely confirmed that they exist to maintain the corrupt status quo and act as a stress release safety value in similar vein to Joe “Man of the people” Duffy’s Liveline.

    This country is f**ked. Not just because of the politicians, but because of the people. We are a deeply flawed, craven corrupt people who in the words of Yeats strive to become the “beggar on horseback”. We have an innate desire for inequality, of which the “elite” that “governs” this country is well aware. Until the day comes that we are all, as a nation, willing to set outside our (sometimes) petty parochial vested interests and fight together to overthrow this corrupt regime, nothing will ever change.

    I won’t hold my breath!

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