What return for E-voting machines debacle? – Just a sarcastic joke

Michael Noonan made a joke about the e-voting machines debacle and some Irish eejits over in America are upset.

Ciaran Staunton, for example, who owns two Irish pubs in New York, said he’s disappointed the machines are not going to be installed in embassies around the world in order to allow emigrants to vote.

In charity, I’m going to assume Mr. Staunton is trying to outbid Mr. Noonan in the sarcasm stakes.

Noonan’s joke did provoke great hilarity and that’s only appropriate for a gombeen minister in a gombeen state.

Over 50 million recklessly wasted on a very questionable enterprise with no accountability whatsoever and what is the return for Irish citizens?

A sarcastic joke from a leading figure operating within our corrupt political system.

3 thoughts on “What return for E-voting machines debacle? – Just a sarcastic joke”

  1. On the contrary Billy, I think it’s an absolute disgrace that emigrants are not allowed to vote. To my knowledge, most functional states provide this democratic right to its citizens. It’s not the concept of voting for emigrants that I was focusing on but the disgraceful waste of public money on useless e-voting machines

  2. I would not be too hard on Michael Noonan’s sarcasm – it comes naturally to him – otherwise he seems fairly competent within the limits of gombeenism. Its good that some efforts are being made to get rid of the voting machines although at this stage a large bonfire would probably be the best option.

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