Fianna Fail disease begins to spread again

Fianna Fail leader, Michael Martin, was doing the media rounds last week in an effort to promote himself and his party.

Inevitably, the question of Fianna Fail’s part in the economic crisis was raised and inevitably Mr. Martin wallowed in traditional Irish denial and dishonesty.

Here’s some of what he had to say in an interview last week with the Sunday Business Post (Sub req’d).

We made mistakes but I’ve a broader sense of history and big events like this have more profound and complex origins.

The underlying message here is twofold – what happened in Ireland was caused by the global crisis (the Lehman Bros. thesis) and most Irish citizens are not as intelligent as I am and so are unable to grasp the big picture.

Mr. Martin goes on:

Now people are reading articles about the origins of the crisis going back to the formation of the euro itself; that it was a fundamentally flawed design which has given rise to property bubbles in the periphery of Europe including Ireland, Portugal and Spain.

Suddenly, people are reading these articles and saying it’s a bit more profound, a bit more complex than ‘it’s all Fianna Fail’s fault, which was the refrain for nine months before the election.

This is a global crisis on a par with 1929.

So, people are beginning to read articles and wake up to the ‘fact’ that Fianna Fail is not so corrupt and incompetent after all.

This is the grossly insulting stance Martin and his party have decided to run with in order to restore their status with Irish voters.

Depressingly, if recent polls are correct, the strategy is already succeeding.

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3 thoughts on “Fianna Fail disease begins to spread again”

  1. Since the *coagulation goverment is continuing the
    policies of the previous goverment to the letter,
    people are wondering why they voted for anyone else or indeed whether they should have bothered to vote at all.
    in a climate like that a solid block of stone, silent and
    inert would be a perfect FF opposition leader!
    Michael Martins hoping time will cloud the memory of the
    voters and planting the victim of circumstance defence.
    The antics of the supine and inept cabinet will help that
    take root and before long, like those deluded people in
    russia who carry posters of stalin and call for a return to
    the good old days, the voters will be trickling back to FF
    “sure they were’nt so bad now were they?”

    *coagulation goverment because its filled with clots

  2. I have heard other politicians giving us the “The Euro was never right” line… If I remember correctly every last one of them, with the notable exceptions of Eamon O Cuiv and SF, were rabidly pro-maastricht. They are liars and cheats.

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