Never mind the €1.25bn Anglo Irish payment; what about Fingleton's watch?

The payment of €1.25bn to Anglo Irish Bank bondholders today is just the latest chapter in the ignominious collapse of our gloriously corrupt republic.

There will, no doubt, be a great deal of handwringing, breast-beating and whatever you’re having yourself before the day is out.

Personally, I’m going to mark the occasion by focusing on a much more important issue – Michael Fingleton’s watch.

Last September, dedicated sleuth and chairman of Anglo Irish Bank, Alan Dukes, dramatically declared to the world that he was on the verge of retrieving Fingleton’s watch for the greater good of the Irish taxpayer.

Watch this space…there will be one or two things coming out of that in the next couple of days.

Also hot on the trail of the dastardly Fingleton and his infamous watch was Duke’s deputy sheriff and chief executive of Anglo, Mike Aynsley.

We have not yet had a response to our request for the return of the watch said the intrepid detective but, in a stern warning to the wayward Fingleton, declared:

The bank won’t be infinitely patient.

Four months on and I’m still watching that (Dukes) space, still waiting for Aynsley’s patience to run out.

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