Callely arrested – Finally

It was in August 2010 that former TD; Paul (Bozo) Gogarty went to his local Garda station and requested an investigation into Ivor Callely’s expenses claims.

Gogarty was responding to a media report that Callely had allegedly forged documents to claim expenses.

Now, a full 17 months after the initial complaint, the Gardai have finally got around to arresting him.

Here are some comments from Garda sources at the time.

Senior Gardai sources said officers would have to establish the basic facts of the case before deciding if there was any need to question him.

Garda sources said it could be a number of weeks before Mr. Callely was questioned about the mobile phone and car-kit invoices, if a criminal investigation were to proceed.

Gardai also searched Callely’s house and office. What were they expecting to find after 17 months – a confession?

Anyway, I’m sure only the most cynical of us would suggest that today, the day we paid out €1.25bn to Anglo Irish Bank bondholders, was a good day to arrest a former politician.

2 thoughts on “Callely arrested – Finally”

  1. i hope your not implying any foot dragging on this matter anthony!
    in other news Gardai wish to interview one Brian Boru in connection with a breach of the peace which is reported to have occurred on the morning of the 23 April 1014,
    Gardai believe this may have been a septic tank protest that got out of hand.

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