Des Peelo locates the source of corruption

Recently, somebody, commenting on the liar Ahern’s claim that he won his money on the horses, said that Ahern wouldn’t know one end of a horse from another.

On Frontline last week, a Fianna Fail head responded to the comment saying that Ahern did indeed know one end of a horse from another.

In other words the liar Ahern’s ‘I won it on the horses’ excuse is reasonable and probably true.

Now only the most backward, most stupid, most uneducated moron would even contemplate believing such drivel never mind actually admit it on live television.

But, incredibly, self-confessed friend of the criminal Haughey and the liar Ahern, Des Peelo, agreed with the Fianna Fail head.

Now in case anyone thinks I’m biased against Peelo I’d like to say that anytime I see him, never mind actually hear him speak, my skin begins to crawl and I develop an overwhelming need to take a shower.

On the same show Peelo actually confirmed that he is indeed a moron when he delivered his very own thesis on the source of corruption.

Corruption happens for one of two reasons, sometimes both.

Corruption happens through greed which is a human dimension.

It also arises in a political sense and only in a political sense when people develop a sense of entitlement.

My good friend Haughey fell into that category.

I do not believe that Bertie is corrupt because he’s not greedy nor does he have a sense of entitlement.