Sheep worrying takes precedence over democratic accountability

Independent TD, Stephen Donnelly, has an article in today’s Sunday Independent which proves just how undemocratic our country has become.

Michael Noonan’s promissory note announcement this week was a stark example of how toothless an institution the Dail has become.

This is bad for democracy, and bodes ill for our economic and social recovery.

At 4pm on Thursday, Michael Noonan walked into the Dail and announced a new deal on the imminent payment of €3.1bn to the Irish Bank Resolution Corporation (formerly Anglo and Irish Nationwide).

He read out his page and a half, refused to answer any questions, and left.

I and other TDs urgently requested time to ask a few questions but were informed that the house must proceed with ‘topical issues’.

This is time dedicated to discussing the most critical national issues of a given day.

It was introduced by the new Government to make the Dail more relevant, more connected to reality.

The following 10-minute debate was given over to the problem of sheep worrying by ramblers.

You are not reading a Father Ted script. That’s what actually happened.

Does anyone see any hope whatsoever?