John Waters; an atheist? And Bertie Ahern is an honest man

The Editor of Secular Sunday ends his weekly report on happenings within the world of atheism with the advice – stay skeptical.

And that is exactly where I stand after reading an article by militant Catholic John Waters who, we are asked to believe, has become an atheist.

Methinks the clue lies in the date of the article.

2 thoughts on “John Waters; an atheist? And Bertie Ahern is an honest man”

  1. When god was asked for his comment, he said that he had never
    believed john waters actually existed himself as the writings made no sense to a rational being.
    Current scholarly opinion is that the incoherent ramblings that appeared from time to time were in fact mistranslated ancient Babylonian soup recipes.

  2. As a recovering atheist my sympathies are with John Waters. I tried to dialogue with a couple of atheists outside the RDS ( Eucharistic Congress ) this week. But it was like trying to talk to the brain dead. They had absolutely no coherent argument to advance ; their sole agenda was a knee-jerk/reactionary anti-Catholicism. I was that soldier some years ago, so I was easily able to destroy their puerile views. But it is frightening that the Irish education system is producing such morons. They think if they can regurgitate a few of Dawkin’s vacuous mantras, they have cracked it ; pathetic & sad really.

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