Celia Larkin: Sitting ducks and muck balls comedy

Up until last Sunday I had always believed that Bertie Ahern’s former partner, Celia Larkin, was an undiluted Fianna Fail head with certain business acumen but not much else, I was wrong.

In an article in the Sunday Independent she has revealed to the world that she is a comedian of gigantic status.

An indication of her genius is the fact that she gives no hint that she’s writing comedy.

This is a courageous and very subtle approach to comedy writing by someone deeply involved with the Fianna Fail party.

Courageous because many readers could easily misinterpret her intent and think her comedy was serious political comment.

Subtle because she leaves it to the reader to figure out that she’s adopting the character of an adoring Fräulein praising her beloved Führer, Micheál Martin.

Well, she does provide just a little clue. In the photograph accompanying the article Martin appears to be delivering a Nazi salute.

I recommend reading the entire article to enjoy its full comic genius but I can’t resist reproducing some of the really hilarious highlights:

His style is very different from his predecessors. Not for him the indulgence of the sound bites nor the practice of cute politics.

He is quiet, polite, subtle but devastatingly strong when he needs to deliver the crucial blow, as he so clearly displayed this week.

Now that Martin has finally found his voice, we may see true debate in the Dail and a government held accountable by a strong vocal opposition.

A breath of fresh air in a political system suffocated by the oppression of snide personal attacks, deflection of responsibility and epic ineptitude in performing even the most basic of administrative tasks, as has been evident by the household charge debacle.

Fianna Fail may be small in numbers. It may have been down. But it is not out.

Get ready for this one; it’s pure comic genius. Had me, literally, on the floor screaming in painful laughter.

The restraints are off. He’s in the ring and he’s not boxing wildly. He’s landing lethal blows.

Fine Gael had better watch out. The sitting ducks have finally found their wings and it will take a bit more than muck balls to shoot them down.

Sitting ducks and muck balls – Jesus, it doesn’t get much better than that.

Ok, ok, I know the article was published on April 1 and it was probably written for the day that was in it, but still, it’s pure comic genius.

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New comedy star – Fräulein Larkin