Gombeens jump on the RTE/Fr. Reynolds scandal bandwagon

I finally found my way through the labyrinth that is RTE’s archive system to Drivetime of May 16th last.

I wanted to confirm some of the comments made by politicians at the Oireachtas Communications Committee hearing into the RTE/Fr. Reynolds scandal.

Eamon O’Cuiv:

How much is it in the groupthink and culture of RTE to decide the story first and then try assemble the evidence afterwards.

This is hilarious coming from a man who, for his entire political career, has loyally served the most corrupt political party in the country.

Such unquestioning loyalty can only arise from the unique groupthink that evolved in Fianna Fail over the decades as each member learned to defend himself, his party and his party leader no matter what the crime, no matter what the scandal, no matter what the damage to Ireland and its people.

I do not believe that this matter should be allowed to rest because I believe that there is evidence of a deep cultural problem within RTE.

O’Cuiv has yet to acknowledge the deep corrupt cultural problems of Fianna Fail.

He went on to demand an independent review of all news and current affairs programmes broadcast in recent years.

The man is a complete idiot.

Michael Healy-Rae:

RTE had lost the run of themselves. Are we going to have in the future more stringent controls because otherwise it will be RTE and our journalists who will be running the country and that’s not fair and it’s not right.

Well, what can be said about this man? When they invented the gombeen they didn’t throw away the moulds.

They’re still up and walking around in the form of the Healy-Rae’s.