The curious case of the anonymous councillor

Gardai are to prepare a file for the Director of Public Prosecutions after arresting and questioning a town councillor in Cork over the alleged fraudulent claiming of expenses for attending a conference earlier this year.

Curiously and, to my knowledge, unusually, the individual involved is not named in the report.

There was, for example, no problem naming former Fianna Fail TD, Ned O’Keeffe when he was arrested and questioned in relation to similar allegations.

In his case there is also a file being forwarded to the DPP.

I rang the Garda Station in Bandon where the councillor was questioned but they declined to name him.

I rang the Garda HQ Press Office and, predictably, was fed a wagonload of pure waffle.

The DPPs office was similarly unhelpful.

Recently, however, an interesting message came to my ear concerning a particular councillor, which may be connected to the case – time will tell.

It’s noteworthy that the arrest followed a complaint by a concerned citizen who became suspicious of the councillor’s activities.

Cleary, Irish citizens are waking up to the damage done to the country by wayward politicians.

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  1. Any taxpayer who suspects that monies are being wasted should take appropriate action to bring it to notice

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