Jody Corcoran: A great (Fianna Fail) journalist

Sunday Independent columnist Jody Corcoran tore strips from Fine Gael and Labour in an article last Sunday.

James Reilly’s name appearing in Stubbs Gazette, Phil Hogan’s questionable loan from Fingers Fingleton, Enda Kenny’s leadership qualities all came under Corcoran’s ruthless scrutiny.

Corcoran’s analysis is incisive, accurate and paints a true picture of this very dodgy government, I agree with every word he writes

Unfortunately, Corcoran cannot be taken seriously as a journalist since he long ago sold his journalistic soul to Fianna Fail, the most corrupt political party in the country.

His cringing ramblings in support of the liar Bertie Ahern were particularly obnoxious (Example here).

Should Fianna Fail ever regain power we can be sure that Corcoran’s ruthlessly accurate assessment of the present crowd of gombeens would be replaced with unquestioning loyalty to that party rather than real journalistic analysis.