Two tier justice system

Socialist Republican Party member Louise Minihan has gone to jail for refusing to pay a €1,500 fine for throwing paint over then Minister for Health Mary Harney in November 2010.

So, in just twenty months the justice system processed this citizen with efficiency and without any undue delay.

This is as it should be in a functional democracy.

Meanwhile, it’s over four years since the banking gangsters, their political friends and facilators within the regulatory sector destroyed the economy causing severe hardship for most Irish citizens.

No proper investigation, no progress whatsoever, not a hope in hell that any of these gangsters or their friends will be brought to justice.

4 thoughts on “Two tier justice system”

  1. There was lots of video footage of what this women did and it was a clear cut case. It isn’t exactly a fair comparison to anything that has gone on in the banks

  2. Have to disagree with you James.

    There’s more than enough evidence around that some very dodgy things were engaged in by bankers. But we can see from any number of past events, NIB, AIB, Ansbacher, Dirt etc., that no action is ever taken against certain people within Irish society.

    We can see that even if all recent events are ‘complex’ (something I don’t believe for a moment) some sort of action could have been taken even if it was only to demonstrate that Irish authorities are serious about tackling white-collar crime.

    Ultimately, but as always, too late, it will be seen that Irish authorities never had the slightest intention of bringing any of the powerful bankers to justice.

    It’s the way things are done in a dysfunctional state.

  3. Banks world wide are out of control – vigourous strictly enforced rules are needed, a thing you won’t see any time soon.
    Someone once said that to become a millionaire quickly all was needed was not to steal a million euro from one person but to steal one euro from a million people. This is what banks have done since they were invented.

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