Sean Quinn joins Bertie Ahern in la la land

Sean Quinn was on the airwaves again yesterday blaming everybody for his self-inflicted woes.

On the possibility of going jail.

With the current attitude of Anglo it’s very likely to happen, I’ve done everything in my power to purge my contempt.

Translation: It’s all the fault of Anglo.

On his deliberate hiding of assets from Anglo.

Yes, we clearly stated in front of Judge Dunne that we did everything in our power to take as many assets as we could from under their now because we knew they had a claim against us, €2.8 billion, we knew we only owed them €445 million.

We think it’s an absolute disgrace, it’s daylight robbery. So we made no apologies about trying to take as many assets from Anglo as we could and to make sure that we give them the minimum amount of information of where they were.

So, no room for misinterpretation there. They tried to move the money offshore because Anglo had robbed them.

On accepting responsibility for his part in the fall of Anglo and the subsequent massive damage done to the country.

Sean Quinn had absolutely nothing to do with the overall losses in the Irish banking system.

Odd how dodgy people like Quinn, Lawlor and Wallace tend to talk about themselves in the third person. It’s as if they’re psychologically separating themselves from their activities.

So there’s one Sean Quinn out there who placed a massive bet on Anglo in order to substantially increase his already massive wealth and lost billions and now demands that Irish taxpayers pick up the bill.

The other Sean Quinn sees himself as an innocent victim of Anglo’s evil activities and is appealing to the people, who are picking up his massive bill, for sympathy and support.

On the money owed to Anglo.

You must remember it’s the Quinn Group that owes this money, the Quinn family doesn’t owe this money, they never borrowed money. This money was all borrowed by the Quinn Group.

How some of those commentators can say that the family owe €2.8 billion when they should know the Group owes €2.8 billion if the debts were legitimate, which we believe they’re not.

Your contention is that you don’t own the Group anymore?

No, so how could the family pay back if they don’t own the Group?

This is the same tactic used by the fraudster Mick Wallace TD. I don’t owe Revenue any money; the company MJ Wallace owes it.

Quinn getting a bit befuddled as he tries to keep his stories from sounding like Bertie Ahern’s lies.

I would claim that the five children owned all of these companies, these companies were never owned by Anglo. Anglo never invested any money in these companies.

These companies were owned by the kids; paid for by the kids.

Sorry, they were owned by the kids; but the Group borrowed the money.

This level of delusion is up there with the liar Ahern’s claim that he won the money on the horses.

Do you feel a level of guilt for it all?

I think the interviewer meant; did he feel any guilt for the damage done to Ireland and its people.

Quinn: I do indeed, I built up something that made them all multimillionaires and then all of a sudden I made this one mistake.

Spent a pile of money on Anglo, we all know what happened, bang, bang, bang.

And then all of a sudden, I leave the kids no money, no jobs, no reputation.

Hunted by the media, hunted by surveillance companies. It’s just absolutely horrendous what they’re going through and I do feel guilty about that.

I feel very sorry for him (his son in jail), it’s totally unfair, a totally innocent man.

He’s a victim of something he’s totally innocent of and I feel very bad about that.

At this point I was in floods of tears.

Surely someone should set up a support group with the aim of restoring ‘the kids’ to their multimillionaire status?

The inhumanity of it all.

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  1. What are the ages of these “Kids”. Did daddy not teach them ‘right’ from ‘wrong’?

  2. Every time I hear these Quinn people I find it difficult to comprehend their level of delusion—what world do they live in?

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