A Day to honour Maeve Binchy

Letter in today’s Irish Examiner

A day in honour of Maeve

Maeve Binchy was not just a great writer, but also a “people person” who inspired, encouraged, and brought a smile to everybody.

We should designate Jul 30 “Maeve Binchy Day”, when the nation could have lunch and discuss her books, life philosophy, and magical character.

Anthony Sheridan

2 thoughts on “A Day to honour Maeve Binchy”

  1. I was a bit surprised to see that Maeve, whom I thought was an avowed atheist or at least an “unbeliever”, have a church funeral.

    I support your idea.

  2. Thanks Haymoon, I too was surprised with the church funeral. I suspect it may have been to ease the worries/grief of those left behind.

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