Michael Martin: Still living in la la land

I wrote previously of my delight that the obnoxious and traitorous Fianna Fail party is being led by the obnoxious, cowardly and incompetent Michael Martin.

It can only be good for Ireland that Martin continues to operate under the delusion that his party had nothing to do with the catastrophe that has befallen the country.

Here’s some of his waffle from today’s This Week on RTE.

The Labour Party promised everything to get into power. I think it exposed the moral bankruptcy of their approach before the election where they opposed everything that was in the best interests of the country at that time.

We took the tough decisions in government, very, very hard decisions before the last general election…and we suffered accordingly and took a huge hit but we did actually take very, very difficult decisions that were electorally very damaging but that had to be taken in the interests of the country.

This government made too many reckless and silly promises that they could not fulfill. That has undermined their credibility; they’ve piggybacked on a lot of the work that was done by the previous government particularly by the late Brian Lenihan.

What is important now is that we have full transparency in terms of the real issues that face health and other departments and an honest debate about those issues and less of the tribal, petty, trivial politics that we’ve had in the Dail since this government came into office where spin has been more important than substance.

I switched off here, there’s only so much bullshit the human brain can take at any one time.