Please Mr. Halapanavar, respect our tradition of cover-up and political cowardice

The Taoiseach’s appeal to Praveen Halapanavar to meet with the chairman of the inquiry team can be translated as follows:

Please Mr. Halapanavar, please go along with the way we do things in Ireland. We don’t know how to do public inquiries, we’ve never done them.

Please do this for me Mr. Halapanavar. I promise you will receive justice, if it doesn’t threaten my career or the career of my colleagues. If it doesn’t expose our corrupt body politic and if the HSE can be brought under control.

Please respect our long established tradition of cover-up, secrecy and political cowardice.

3 thoughts on “Please Mr. Halapanavar, respect our tradition of cover-up and political cowardice”

  1. Mr. Halapanavar would be well advised to take a full and active part in the investigations that are underway so that we can have a fully rounded picture of what happened.If he thinks a sworn public enquiry will produce something he should look at the Beef,Mahon and Moriarty Tribunals and ask himself some questions.

  2. I’m afraid you have things back to front again Jimky.

    By insisting on a public inquiry Mr. Halapanavar is putting pressure on our corrupt system to do something it has never done before – making itself fully accountable.

    The various tribunals you mention were little more than a side-lining of corruption out of mainstream view until it became irrelevant.

    The corrupt system usually does pretty much as it likes no matter what it costs Irish citizens.

    Mr. Halapanavar has turned the global spotlight on our corrupt system and that’s why they’re running scared.

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